Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Peace be with you!

On behalf of the Organising Committee it is my pleasure to welcome you to Malaysia for the 17th AFCMA Congress 2021. 

The Theme of the Congress is “Building Bridges through Healing and Spirituality”. Its focus is on helping others through Healing and Spirituality

by integrating and co-operating our efforts with other health and faith institutions.

Many Topics are being offered for you to choose from eg. Bioethics and Medical research, Conception and Fertility issues, Victims of abuse (women and child abuse, broken homes,) Mental Health and Addiction (Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Drug and Alcohol abuse) ,Rehabilitation/ Disabilities/Handicapped(handicapped from birth, physical or mental disabilities, acquired disabilities), Infectious diseases

(HIV, Zika, Ebola), Ageing Community (Geriatrics, Abandoned Elderly, Depression, Isolation), Palliative Medicine (End of life Care and Living Wills),

Climate Change and Health (Laudato Si. What does our Holy Father Pope Francis say on the environment and our role as stewards?), Marginalised in Healthcare (Migrants, homeless, Indigenous, Urban Poor, etc.).

We sincerely hope that by working alone or together with people from other Health of Faith institutions eg Tzu Chi, we will be able to emulate the Good Samaritan (Luke 10.30-37) who went out of his way to help the traveller who was robbed and badly beaten by robbers unlike the Priest and Levite who saw but ignored the injured man.

In The Greatest Commandment we are taught  “You shall love the Lord ,your God with all your heart,……….and your neighbour as yourself” in order to inherit eternal life (LUKE 10. 27-29). Who is my neighbour? Our neighbour can be anyone irrespective of race, creed, religion, colour, social status, the marginalised, migrant worker, refugee, asylum seeker, a road accident victim, etc.. 

We hope that you and your spouse will enjoy your stay here in our beautiful country and enjoy our various  cultures, different variety of food, go sight seeing, shopping in the Malls and visit the various historical sites like Malacca  where St. Francis Xavier once lived. Please also participate in the Scientific Sessions and share your Expertise/Experience with us in upholding our Catholic Church’s teachings.

May Almighty God Bless Us and send the Holy Spirit to guide us and empower us in our deliberations and help to make the 17th AFCMA Congress 2021 a huge success.

Thank you.
In Jesus,
Dr. Freddie Loh,
Organising Chairman.


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